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Dynamic Sensory Integration Therapy


It is no coincidence that children love so much to run around, race back and forth, skip up and down; they enjoy rolling, swinging, spinning, and they like licking, touching things.


Research has shown that such experiences facilitate the development of the child’s body, mind and spirit, the nervous system matures through the process. It is essential therefore that children spend their childhood with diverse physical activities and free play!


Children whose development is different from the usual enjoy these activities just the same. It is their inherent ability of self-healing which materializes during the games as well, in a natural, free, joyful and active way. In such cases we are tempted to be more active and direct during therapy, too.


However, most of the time there is no need to guide children’s activities in a pre-planned way, it is „enough” to follow the child attentively as he evolves, while providing him with various opportunities for exercise and ensuring his safety. It is this frame of thinking and therapy which is created by dynamic sensory integration therapy.



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